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Shane Wahls


Shane Wahl, born and raised in Colorado, discovered at a very young age a passion for cultivation and sustainability, which was derived from his mother's teachings, a passion they shared together. In his teens he worked for “The Herb Farm” where he learned the art of cultivating herbs. Afterwards, he embarked on a 5 year journey traveling around the country where he worked on roughly 8 farms during his travels, gaining invaluable knowledge and and experience within his trait.

Prior to working for Freedom Hemp Co. Shane worked at Cannaman Farms which was the third licensed i-502 in Washington. He built this company from the ground up building standard operating procedure while extensively testing lighting, cultivation techniques, feeding regimens and many others avenues in the industry. This was where he met Brian Smalley, who brought him on board here at Freedom Hemp Co.

Shane and his girlfriend Lindsey both have 3 awesome dogs, a cat that thinks it's a dog, 2 fish tanks and 7 chickens. They love there animals as if they were there own children.

“I love new challenges and always take great pride in my work. This new journey with Freedom Hemp Co. gives me another opportunity to make a dream come true! Along with building new friendships and a strong brotherhood.”

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