Episode 5 | Hemp vs Marijuana

If you're in the cannabis space, or the hemp space, or the medical space or you're a consumer, you should be promoting scientific studies of these plants.  You either need to let people know this needs to happen or you need to donate money or you need to donate your genetics to start taking that kind of study to understand where the terpenes come from.  Without forcing our federal government to really look at the lack of studies, the lack of legitimite scientific studies that we have on this, that I think could really be the tipping point.  Because we've known for a long time that it helps people.


Join industry experts, Brian Smalley and Lindsey Pate as we chat more about what the differences are between marijuana and hemp.

We'll get into the benefits of THC and CBD, how they're different and what's legal and what isn't.

Time Stamped Notes

(2:10) Lindsey Pate Introduction
(2:41) Brian Smalley Introduction
(2:59) Main difference between hemp and marijuana
(3:28) Which has higher THC?
(4:09) Different kinds of hemp?
(5:08) How did the 2018 Farm Bill separate Marijuana and Hemp?
(6:44) Are hemp and cannabis fully legal in all 50 states?
(7:48) Medical benefits of THC and CBD 
(9:05) Terpenes in THC and CBD
(10:15) Single molecule medicine – good or bad?
(11:44) Can CBD or THC be transported across state lines?
(12:54) Is CBD or THC better?
(17:06) CB1 and CB2 Receptors, how does CBD and THC effect those?
(18:10) Importance of test results
(19:05) Are the standards for hemp testing good enough?
(20:08) CBD & THC in cancer
(21:08) What is CBG?
(21:49) Why research is important
(22:40) Why is hemp getting more attention than marijuana?
(23:48) Closing


Glass House Grown
Cascade Cannabis Association
Hemp vs Marijuana
CBD 101


Featured Guests

Brian Smalley

Brian Smalley

COO, Freedom CBD & Freedom Hemp Co

Brian Smalley is commonly featured on the Hemp School Podcast.

To hear more from him check out his featured guest page.

Lindsey Pate

Lindsey Pate

Co-Founder, Glass House Grown

Lindsey Pate is a leader in the cannabis industry.

Check out her full bio.

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