Episode 3 | How to Buy CBD

You want to begin with the biomass, or the plant product, that comes out of your field.  Obviously an organic field will be better than a non-organic field.  We test all of our products to make sure they have no pesticides, heavy metals, mold, mildew or anything before we even start to process. A lot of companies out there don't.  They'd rather make what they make and try to pull out the junk later.  At Freedom CBD, we go the other way.  We'd rather spend more time, spend more money to get a product we don't have to remediate pesticides from.


All CBD isn't created equal.  And it can be hard to decipher what you're even getting when you purchase a product.  So what do you do and where do you start?

That's what today's episode is all about!  I'm talking with Brian Smalley, COO at Freedom CBD about what makes their product unique and why they hold themselves to such a high standard.

Time Stamped Notes

(1:39) Brian Smalley Introduction
(2:15) Difference between Distillate, Full Spectrum, and Isolate
(3:29) Is all CBD created equal?
(4:25) How do you know if your CBD is high quality?
(5:10) What should you look for on CBD labels?
(5:54) What are carrier oils?
(6:15) How much CBD should you take?
(6:38) Can you overdose on CBD?
(6:53) Will CBD get me high?
(7:34) Does CBD counteract the high rom THC?


CBD Buying Guide
Freedom CBD Exact Dose Syringes
Infusing Concentrated Hemp CBD into Carrier Oil


Featured Guest

Brian Smalley

Brian Smalley

COO, Freedom CBD

Brian Smalley is commonly featured on the Hemp School Podcast.

To hear more from him check out his featured guest page.

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