Episode 2 | Setting Up your Greenhouse for Seed Genetics

It starts with your roots and ends up with fruits.  When you move in and you get your greenhouse started, make sure you have proper soil, proper micrology build out, proper nutrient value to your plants.  That really will allow them to survive off minimal inputs.


Having a greenhouse allows you to grow year round.  It was great to catch up with Shane Wahls, from Freedom Hemp Co, to talk about some ways to set up your greenhouse. 

What We'll Cover

  • Why seed genetics are important.
  • How to set up your greenhouse.
  • Lighting ideas
  • Watering and feeding your plants.
  • What might be different in Central Oregon versus other parts of the country.

Time Stamped Notes

 (1:22) Shane Wahls introduction
(1:44) What are seed genetics and why are they important?
(2:19) Do you plan to improve genetics year over year?
(3:06) How do you know what genetics are best for the market?
(3:56) What's the first thing you should think about when setting up a greenhouse?
(5:10) What type of lighting should you use in a greenhouse?
(6:57) How should you feed your plants?
(7:40) Watering schedules
(8:22) How does using a greenhouse differ based off location?
(9:33) What else should we know?
(10:33) How do you avoid contamination?
(11:37) How do you use parasitic bugs

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