Episode 11 | Jentri's experience with CBD and Anxiety

Its so non invasive.  It's literally just a couple of drops in my morning coffee and part of the routine.  I put creamer in there anyway and drop that in there.  And it just has helped so much from that overall feeling of just being wond tight to just feeling a little bit less anxious through the day.  A little bit more calm and at peace overall throughout the day.

Jentri Young is a realtor, mom of 2 kiddos, wife and has struggled off and on with anxiety throughout the years.  She noticed some spikes postpartum.  Not wanting to go the route of pharmaceuticals, CBD was recommended and this is her story.

Time Stamped Notes

(1:59) Jentri introduction
(4:05) How was Jentri introduced to CBD?
(5:55) Anxiety comes at various levels, what does Jentri deal with?
(8:59) How easy it is to use and make part of your daily routine.
(9:45) Have you been on any other medications for anxiety?
(13:19) Jentri shares a moment when her anxiety didn't kick in that she noticed.
(16:51) Does she notice a difference, and her husband as well?
(19:20) “Its amazing what we can put up with when its gone” being normal!
(20:08) Jentri's advice for people dealing with anxiety and considering CBD.
(23:00) What dosing does she take?
(25:03) Listen to your body!
(26:00) Closing thoughts from Jentri


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