Ep 14 | Nicole Belan from Hemp Lash

I personally have had anxiety and have been on medications that I didn't like and how it made me feel and what it did to my body.  I had an interest on that end to see how it'd work for me.  I don't have as much anxiety as I did before but I wanted to get rid of the little bit that I did.


Welcome back!  Today we're chatting with Nicole, who is a great friend of ours.  She's a long-time CBD user and came out to the farm to visit us so she could see where the product she uses comes from.

Nicole is going to share with us her experience with CBD as well as her newly launched product, Hemp Lash, which was founded just this year.

Nicole: I am the founder of Hemp Lash.  My eyelash growing serum helps your eyelashes grow because I use CBD in it and I use Freedom CBD.  It's been working really great for us.

Ryan: I know we've been in communication for a while now.  You're a huge support and we apprecate it.  Proud of you that you got your product put out there and that the CBD is effective.

Nicole: It's very effective. When I was doing all the work to put this together and all the testing I tried 10 different CBD oils. You weren't in production yet.  I reached out to Brian Smalley to get me SOMETHING that I could test with.  You guys are so legit but he had nothing for me yet.  So I tried the other oils and they were ok.  Once I could use yours that was it, done deal.

Ryan: Do you know why our oil was so much better?

Nicole: I'm the only one that I know of that's doing this with CBD oils. My other competitors use chemicals and things that have bad side effects.  They can change your eye color or cause blindness.  My product is all-natural, organic.  That's why I use your oil as well.  You use all those things.  You extract your oil the way I want it to be extracted, using ethanol.  I did my research and that's the only way to go.

Ryan: Yea there's a lot of research to back that up.  There are other ways too but that's how we like to do it.  CBD is overall beneficial one way or the other.

So what got you started on CBD?

Nicole: I know Brian Smalley and when he started this company in 2018 I had a huge interest in it and wanted to learn more about it and what it was all about.

I personally have had anxiety and have been on medications that I didn't like and how it made me feel and what it did to my body.  I had an interest on that end to see how it'd work for me.  I don't have as much anxiety as I did before but I wanted to get rid of the little bit that I did. So I had an interest in that.

Ryan: Have you noticed a difference since being on the oil?

Nicole: So it's really funny, but yes!  A huge difference.  On top of that, I used to run and I'm really into fitness.  I always had knee pain from doing it for so long.  All of the sudden I thought, “why don't my knees hurt, why am I not taking ibuprofen?”  And now I don't take ibuprofen anymore.

Ryan: That's the funny thing about CBD.  That's so common.  People will take it for a certain reason, like anxiety or whatever the case may be, and they'll notice other benefits from it.

Nicole: Yea, and I sleep at night.  I sleep like a baby.  And no nightmares.  I don't know if anyone else has nightmares out there but I don't anymore.

Ryan: Well, if you're having nightmares out there, try  CBD!

When it comes to purchasing CBD, you buy our full-spectrum distillate.  Why is that?

Nicole: When you first came out with the distillate, I wanted to try.  It worked so well, it's just the results bottom.  It makes lashes grow, at least yours does.  I think I know of someone else that has seen results with their hair growing?

Ryan: Yep that's me!  I did have some slight balding.  But CBD is actually shown to make a lot of that come back.  That's the one thing that I'm doing different in my life and the hair is coming back and a lot of people are commenting on it.  It's cool.  And eyelashes are hair so they grow too.

Did you have eyelashes that were shorter?

Nicole: I had eyelashes when I was younger and always did.  As I'm getting older, not revealing my age, I had spaces where I didn't have lashes.  I went through a period of eyelash extensions.  They worked but the glue irritated my eyes.  And sometimes people would say that my eyelashes looked funny cause one of them was falling down. And after the extensions, I had NO eyelashes.

Ryan: I know you've done a lot of research on CBD, and after talking with Brian Smalley, you realized that it could have the potential for eyelashes.  That makes sense.  They look great now.  Wanting to continue forward with healthy eyelashes is a great thing.

You started the company in 2018.  How have the reviews been?

Nicole: It's been phenomenal.  When I was testing it on my self, you can see images on my website, I saw results in 3 weeks.  I write it as 3-6 weeks.  Recently I've had customers saying 2 weeks, and now it's even come back as 1 week.

Ryan: What are the results they're seeing?

Nicole: Most people are noticing that they're filling in first. The length comes in after that.  My competitors have side effects, everything I do is all organic, all-natural, no pesticides.  And also why I use your oil!

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Time Stamped Notes

(1:48) Nicole Belan Introduction
(3:34) What made the Freedom CBD oil different in her product?
(4:38) Why did Nicole start taking CBD?
(5:44) CBD affects other parts of your body that you didn't know it would – in a good way
(6:08) Why she buys full-spectrum distillate.
(7:16) Solving a problem with eyelashes
(8:31) How are people reacting to her product?
(10:04) How to contact her 

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Nicole Belan

Nicole Belan

Founder, Hemp Lash

Nicole Belan is the founder and creator of Hemp Lash, an organic way to grow your eyelashes naturally. 

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