Ep 13 | UPDATE: How Christena's Doing Now

It was bad enough that I had chemotherapy in my body, and that's just poison.  I'm grateful for it, my goodness, because it got rid of a lot of the cancer but it's poison in my body and I don't like taking medicine.  And so, to know that I could take something all natural to mitigate the headaches, the pain, the sleep, the nasuea, was complete unexpected.  I had no idea it would have such a positive impact during my treatment.

  Christena is back to give us an update.  If you remember from episode 4 – we interviewed her on her experience with CBD and ovarian cancer.

 Now she's back to give us an update on how she's doing.

Most women get ovarian cancer in their 60-70s.  So to get it in her mid-50s is young.  Christena is always active.  Getting cancer wasn't something she ever thought would happen to her, but it did.

 Christena took CBD during a portion of her treatment.  It helped her level off with her weight, and even gain weight at some points.  It also helped with reducing medication she took for nausea.  She was also able to avoid taking pain medication for headaches and internal body aches.  That, in turn, helped her with better sleep.

Getting back to a normal life was important for her mental state.  Getting back to work, working out, snowshoeing, whatever could help with the mental side of chemo and cancer.

 Christena used CBD throughout her treatment, which isn't typical.  Part of that was a THC version of it.  While Freedom CBD doesn't make high THC product, we still feel there is a purpose for it when necessary.

CBD has been shown to stop the growth of cancer cells while THC has been shown to kill cancer cells.

Christena took two different products.  One with low THC and (Freedom CBD) one with higher THC – but never at a level that made her feel high.  We can't say definitely that it was what cured her cancer, but she feel strongly it was a big component.

With each round of chemo – things got dramatically worse.  With the first few rounds, treatments would hit on a Tuesday and by Saturday she was feeling fine again.  By rounds 4-5 it was a much longer process.  The symptoms, she feels, would have been much worse if she hadn't been taking the CBD.  She still was able to stay off the headache/pain and anti-nausea medication was much more limited.

She had cancer all over her abdomen when she was first diagnosed and now she has no cancer anywhere.

Christena is glad she started with hemp derived CBD first.  As she researched it more, she learned about how THC was going to benefit the cancer cells inside her body.  She says, “don't be afraid.” She didn't have any negative side effects with either CBD or CBD/THC.  Keep it as an option in your mind.  It's all natural – and not a prescription drug – and was better for her.  She continued to work, go to the gym and be with friends and didn't fee she would have been able to do the same if she had prescription medications in her body.

We thank Christena for coming on and talking about her experience.  And are so thankful that for now, she's cancer free!!!

Time Stamped Notes

(2:28) Christena's Introduction and her Story
(6:06) Results of her first full-body scan was recently…how did it go?
(6:53) What is the average age people get ovarian cancer?
(8:42) Christena was taking CBD for a period of time during her treatment…how did it help?
(11:33) CBD helped to make things more manageable.
(12:46) Christena wanted to get back to a normal life.
(15:16) CBD/THC treatment was something she used – which isn't typical for cancer treatment
(20:04) How were you feeling as your treatments progressed?
(25:04) How bad was the cancer?
(28:13) If you're going through Chemo – what is Christena's recommendation?


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