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Brian Smalley

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Brian Smalley, entered the cannabis/hemp industry in the mid 1990’s. He studied botany and spent years traveling the world, expanding his knowledge in breeding & genetics before settling down in the greater Portland area. For nearly a decade he split his career between the corporate world & the cannabis industry. In 2006, Brian followed his calling, leaving corporate America and solely returned to the industry for good. With the growing acceptance & demand of cannabis hemp products worldwide, Brian found his niche redirecting his primary focus to hemp.

He has created several companies within the hemp industry, including the Green Oil Machine which is a home based oil extraction product that he sells world-wide. He retains deep roots within the industry and has developed a network of sales avenues and contacts. He also provided an extensive catalog of hemp genetics that are the building blocks for our genetic programs.

He’s become a pioneer in hemp processing, developing extraction methods, teaching those who aspire to be like him & ultimately improving the lives of many. His reach and abilities are endless; and the farming & processing friendships he’s made over the years are the foundation of our company.

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